A Dentist Turning Into a Popstar.

Thank you for entering my world of music and magic.
I can’t wait to get the chance to connect with you all.

We define ourselves in different ways. Maybe you are a mother, a student, a friend, a lover, a wife , a dentist, a pop star or maybe everything at the same time. All I know is that nothing or no one can stop me now from being everything I am meant to be. And I want to share this experience with all you beautiful people listening.

Years back I was singing and performing in London, hoping to become a musical theatre star. But my heart was not in it, singing other peoples songs, auditions with thousands hopeful candidates, just didn’t feel right. So eventually I grew up, became a wife and a dentist, and a mom to three dogs, I know, but they are like my babies.

We lived a somewhat happy life and I thought I had it figured out.

Then something happened that totally changed me as a person. Those events that change you to the core, forces you to be someone else, your other life is gone. Everything was stolen from me. The only person I loved and trusted left me with many questions and no motivation to move forward. Living all alone in the forest became my prison and my release. Like a warrior I defended my house from ruin and darkness in all sorts of shapes and forms. I painted the tarnished facad green to make it one with nature, to make me melt back to where I once came from.

Suddenly a piano that I had never touch before, standing in my living room, became my everything. Songs that I never thought existed kept pouring out of me, a longing to communicate my inner thoughts to the world. In my loneliness I started to create a new fantasy world, a world where I could be my new me and heal. I opened those patio doors to let the world in and through my piano it became the songs you can hear today.

My first song someone no one knows I almost never finished, I was scared to fail.

My boss at the dental clinic talked about being brave in life and just doing it. On that same day there was this talented swedish producer being a patient of mine. I just took the courage to let him know about my song, someone no one knows. He asked me to send it to him for a listen. After weeks of, I don’t know, I sent it. He loved my song and that was the start of a professional music collaboration. During this year I have recorded and released several songs doing well on Spotify lists.

I can’t think about anything else but, who are my fans, what are their lives like, what can I give to them so that they can get inspired to do what they love in life. Can we connect in this world of isolation. Thank you for giving me a voice and listening, I will do my best to touch your heart and give your voice a colour too.

Love BellAnty



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