Its so early I have to remember my coffee on the car roof top.

Hey you. Christmas present to die for! T-shirt (38 euro) or sweatshirt (58 euro). Logo on the back or front. Let me know, item, size, colour, logo back or front, shipping details.

Love BellAnty

Working at my cover for Rich boy.

Magical day in my magical life can give me Magical songs.

Brewing coffee and planning my day, will I get my mix for Rich boy, want to get it out.

Autumn is here, so keep track of me.

Coffee time and planning my next song release, Rich boy.

Seriously tired and hung over, but yes another crisp morning with coffee.

Today I am super excited. A patient of mine heard my music, and she was completely in love with it. Super proud and longing for my insane break through, I want the whole world to listen to me.

Another day without doing what I should. I promo my music on busses now.

Have a beautiful weekend! Loving every second of my free time with my family.

Ah, so great,finally home, in my beautiful forest. 6200 people all over the world have listened to my songs today, hope you can find me here soon.

I just need to write, this is turning out to be a fucking diary.
200 000 streams for my music in 3 months!

What if this could really work, me living my dream. Im so excited , cheers on a monday evening.

Love to you.